The Goats of Riverside

Terry Hatfield, 63, walks through areas his goats have cleared already at Riverside Park in Victoria. Hatfield had 25 goats with him in the park that day to eat brush and weeds along the river in Grover’s Bend.


A goat reaches for leaves higher up around Grover’s Bend in Riverside Park in Victoria. Hatfield, the owner of the goats, said they are quite agile and will climb up trees and over obstacles to get to tasty parts they want to eat.

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NY in a Nutshell

A few images captured  during wanderings around the city this weekend.

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Taking Flight

Today I covered Bloomington High School’s participation in the Fly Forward Challenge at Calhoun Air Center at the Victoria Regional Airport. Days like this make me even more baffled about why newspapers would cut their photo staff. We had this package as our front page centerpiece, which I wrote, shot and produced a slideshow for! Talk about multitasking.

(left to right) Estella Aguirre, 17, Elizabeth Arredondo, 17, Cynthia Resendez, 18, Ariana Ortiz, 17, Samantha Oritz, 18, and Brittany Wallace, 18, of Bloomington High School, wait their turn to fly in the Eurocopter EC120 at the Calhoun Air Center at Victoria Regional Airport. Women of all ages were invited to experience free flights in a helicopter or plane as part of the Fly it Forward challenge during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week.

Estella Aguirre, 17, is secured into the front seat of the Eurocopter EC120 by Pilot Dianna Stranger, left, and Erin Cude, Chief Flight Instructor, right, at the Calhoun Air Center at Victoria Regional Airport.

Cynthia Resendez, 18, prepares for takeoff in the front seat of the Eurocopter EC120 at the Calhoun Air Center at Victoria Regional Airport. Pilot Dianna Stranger, right, sat and helped her buckle in for the flight. Stranger was one of three pilots with the Calhoun Air Center who were giving women of all ages free flights to spread the love of aviation.

Elizabeth Arredondo, 17, laughs as she buckles up in the back seat of the Eurocopter EC120 at the Calhoun Air Center at Victoria Regional Airport. Elizabeth was nervous because of her fear of heights but was excited for the experience. “I don’t know when I’ll have another chance to do something like this.” she said.

Here is the little slideshow I did:

Here is the story I wrote to go with it.

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By the side of the road

On the way home from an assignment the other day, had to stop and shoot a few frames. Texas has amazing sunsets.


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Wyatt Rowlands, Trail Rider

Spent some time with this lovely family of trail riders. Here are a few of my favorite shots and the slideshow I produced where you can see more of the story.


Wyatt Rowlands, 10, trail rides with his family each year. This year he is the Chrisholm Trail Ride Mascot.

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Prescribed Burn

Last week I photographed a prescribed burn that occurred in order to kill invasive grasses and encourage native brush to grow in an effort to preserve the prairies of Texas. Here are a few images from the day.

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Lola had a stroke when she was 18 months of age. Today she undergoes physical therapy and rides horses to build her muscles and increase her abilities in her right arm and leg. Mostly though, she’s just a total badass. She rides motorcycles, drives her little car (taking her brother and dog for rides sometimes), jams with her band and pumps iron. Here are a few of my favorite shots from hanging with Lola.

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Kept meaning to do this but, alas, life gets busy. Here are a few of my favorite photos from 2013.

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McFaddin Cafe

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The horse whisperer

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