Zombies lurch menacingly through the fog during the filming of "Buck Wild" Tuesday evening in Goliad. Most of the zombies were extras who came from various parts of Texas to be a part of the movie for fun the of the experience.

Lucy Keith, 4, closes her eyes for the finishing touches of hairspray in her zombie transformation Tuesday evening in Goliad. People of all ages came to be zombie extras in the filming of "Buck Wild" Tuesday.

makeup artists were covering extras with light and dark makeup, teasing their hair into a wild disarray and then dripping blood down their faces and over their clothes.

In a small tent with four makeup artists, extras line up to become zombiefied Tuesday evening in Goliad. Around a hundred people of all ages showed up at the ranch in Goliad to become zombie extras in the filming of "Buck Wild" Tuesday.

Maranda Nichols, costume designer, paints fake blood onto Marcus Garcia Tuesday evening for the filming of "Buck Wild" in Goliad. Garcia was a Goliad local who was one of many that came to be a zombie extra for the zombie army scene of the movie Tuesday.

Ryan Rodriguez, 16, gets blood dripped onto his pants to become a zombie for the movie "Buck Wild" which invited extras from local areas to be part of the filming Tuesday evening. Rodriguez and Brayden Sievers, 16, who was next in line to get blood added to his clothing, came from Cuero to be zombies.

St. Joseph Flyers football players (from left) Thomas Kyle, 17, Chris Fales, 18, Jonathan Hennessey, 18, Trey Hicks, 17 and Charlie VanSickle, 18, were zombie extras in the filming of the zombie army scene of "Buck Wild" in Goliad Tuesday evening.