On Sunday afternoon Jennifer and I went out to the Polka and Waltz club to find a story at their Sunday afternoon dance session for Seniors. The couple we decided to focus on was one of those couples that make you feel that either everyone has a great story or sometimes, we as journalists get pretty darn lucky.

Oliver Koenig has Alzheimer’s disease. Although his wife Helen said he has lost many memories and knowledge of people and places (he doesn’t recognize their kids sometimes), he still remembers how to Polka.   They met on the dance floor Helen said. She saw him and decided to dump the guy she was dancing with to dance with Oliver. Sixty-two years later, they still dance together every week.

When they were done talking with us, they went for one last polka around the floor Sunday afternoon. “We’re going to do this until we can’t anymore,” Helen said. “He’s still got the moves,” after all these years.