I just wanted to post a few favorites from volunteering in Guatemala.  (Note, some of these pictures will not be suitable for those who may be squeamish.)


Doreen Pon, the pharmacist of the 2010 LA Team, diligently fills perscriptions during a power outage.


Gina Gonzales numbs a patient for a procedure in which he will have the roots of two teeth removed that were shattered in a motorcycle accident.


Pat Patton helps a young girl to fluoride her teeth, after being taught to brush and floss while waiting to see the dentists. Many patients travel and wait for days for their appointments and the Helpers on the mission do what they can to aid them during their wait.


Veronica Zoleta, a volunteer RN on the mission, makes rounds in the recovery room seeing to patients and checking up on their status.


Surgeons work on a young girl's wrist in one of the ORs. There were four ORs and roughly seven surgeries per a surgeon per a day.


Two young boys play with bubbles while waiting to see the pediatrician.


Children are given coloring books and crayons to entertain them while waiting to see the doctor.


Children and adults waiting to see the dentist are given toothbrushes to take home. They are also taught to brush their teeth and floss while waiting to see the dentists.

A man dances in a fireworks display on our last night in San Cristobal.