Despite the fact that I’m told my job is ‘glamorous’ pretty often (ha.) a  lot of our daily assignments are pretty standard not-too-exciting type stories. As photographers we go out to assignments like these and aren’t quite sure if we’ll get anything we like, but once and a while we find a nice little moment anyway.

This assignment was the obligatory “day after Christmas shopping” story which resulted in mostly shots of people holding bags, looking through racks of clothing and the usual shopping shots. Then I came upon a family where the two daughters were buying laptops with their christmas/birthday/allowance money,   I was glad to get a genuine reaction photo of her happily receiving her laptop.

Yesterday we went on a ‘back to school’ assignment where we were hanging out with a mom at her home when her kids came back from their first day at school after the holiday break. I was hanging out taking photos of them doing their homework and greeting their family after getting off the bus. Nothing earth shattering, but while we were hanging at the house this young lady was carrying around her dog in her sweatshirt when it decided to give her a little affection.

It’s always satisfying to come back with some unexpected genuine moment from an assignment where it was totally possible nothing would really happen.  No matter how many times it occurs, I’m always pleasantly surprised.