Last week after our medical mission work was over, we had two days to explore wherever we wished. A small group of us decided to cram into a little van and go to Copan, over the border in Hoduras. 6 hours of driving later..


These guys were serious about their right of way, we always swerved quickly when they decided to come visit us.


This was the Mayan equivalent of Fenway. They played ball here, sometimes to prove certain decisions or prove superiority. Depending on the reason for playing and your status in the community, the punishment for losing could be severe if it proved you were wrong in a serious situation.


Copan had amazing carvings dedicated to different rulers.



Although many see Tikal as the more majestic set of Mayan ruins in comparison to Copan, Copan is older with layers upon layers of buildings beneath the ones on the surface. Each new ruler built a new building over the old one, which is why you can travel through the tunnels to see carvings, rooms and even older temples within the temples.

carvings inside

This is one of the carvings adorning a room inside one of the tunnels.


The view of buildings in Copan from atop one of the nearby pyramids.


Many of the carvings depict Macaws, as they were special to the people of Copan. Here is one sitting nearby in a tree.


Maya (Ceiba Pentandra) is also known as kapok or silk cotton tree. These puffs of cottony substance float down off the trees all over the park.


Our guide insisted we take a picture of him and his brother. Isn't the resemblance uncanny?

For more pictures (and there are plenty more) visit my Copan set on flickr here..