Kelley Drastata talking with her son Daniel, 6, at their home in Edna Sunday. She suffered from a heart attack a year ago, had open heart surgery and is currently waiting for a transplant. Although she cannot engage in strenuous activities due to the LVAD, it allows her to live her daily life with her family.

Kelley Drastata in her kitchen Sunday afternoon. Drastata had a heart attack a year ago at the age of 36 and now uses an LVAD until she can get a transplant. On the counter is a drawing her doctor made of her heart for her family to help them understand why she needed open heart surgery.

Kelley Drastata explains how they hooked her heart up to the LVAD. They had to cut out a rib and shave others to install the LVAD which helps to pump her heart until she gets a transplant. It has two battery packs on her sides and she must always be within 30 feet of a phone that she keeps in the holster on her vest.