These are a few shots from a photo story I did on a fireworks tent here in hutchinson before the 4th of July. It was a fun project and a new experience. I’ve never live in a town that is so crazy excited for fireworks! Nor have I ever seen so many different kinds… if I had started buying them, I probably never would have stopped just from sheer curiosity.

Taylor West, 17, holds up a fireworks sign to get passing cars to stop at their fireworks tent Thursday evening. Taylor is one of the Buhler Singers who work at the tent in shifts helping customers or holding signs by the road to inspire people to stop. Kathleen Duncan / The Hutchinson News

Evan Rigg, 3, waits for his dad to buy the fireworks he picked out in the blue basket Thursday afternoon at the Buhler Singers fireworks tent. He picked out lots of different fireworks from small rockets to fun sparklers. Kathleen Duncan / The Hutchinson News

Sparkler Cones are a favorite at the Buhler Singers Fireworks tent, they are stacked and piled in fun designs around the tent. Kathleen Duncan / The Hutchinson News

Fireworks light up the sky behind the Buhler Singers tent late Thursday night. Inside, the singers and their helpers are getting ready to close up and go home. Kathleen Duncan / The Hutchinson News