I took this photo for fun on Friday and it touched off a bit of a debate in our newsroom. I posted it on our Advocate photo blog and our Editor saw it, liked it and wanted to run it ASAP. Our Sports department said they liked the photo but it wasn’t a “Sports Photo” so they didn’t want to run it in their section. This of course led to a discussion on our Advocate facebook page and in our newsroom, what is a “Sports Photo”? Do features only work when its a cheering crowd? Would you run this in your Sports section as a feature?

Our Editor wrote a Column about it (with the photo on A1) today, read it here.


Caitlin Jacob, 15, prepares to perform at the St. Joseph football game at Patti Welder Stadium on Friday evening. Caitlin is a sophomore at St. Joseph High School and is the first lieutenant of the Starlighters, St. Joseph's dance and drill team. Caitlin's mother, Melissa Jacob, said Caitlin "has been dancing pretty much since she could walk, dancing is her life." She also mentioned being a Starlighter takes dedication and determination because of the year-round practice and performance schedule. The Starlighters not only perform at games, but compete in dance competitions and put on a Starlighter spring show. Melissa Jacob said she "believes the Starlighter dance team is a very important sport in itself and plays an important role." After all, the Starlighters are always there, win or lose, rain or shine, to dance their hearts out and inspire St. Joseph school pride.