I moved to NY in September of 2011, started a new job, new home, new friends. Little did I know that just a year later I’d be moving back to Texas! And now I’ve been here 5 months (5 months, really?!) and it’s already 2013. I’ve had a lot of great experiences this year, not just because of the people I’ve met but the photos I’ve had a chance to take. I am really glad I went to NY, however briefly, for everything I gained there. And I’m just as glad to be back in Texas at a paper I love, with old friends and weird assignments to explore. I recently asked my photographers to pick their top 3-5 favorite shots for the year to turn in to a contest. After going back through all my photos this year, I can see how difficult it must have been for them. There are so many experiences that become as personal to us as the photos that are a result of them, it’s hard to choose. So here are a few of mine.