I didn’t know what powerliftng was before I met these girls. They were very nice and not at all what I pictured in a power lifting team (I was thinking more along the lines of the hulk, so its true, they weren’t as green as I expected.) Of course, my high school had no such thing, so really all I knew was that there were weights involved somehow. But I’m all for girls empowering themselves and being proud of their bodies, so hey, this sounds like a good idea to me. Plus, making this photo was a lot of fun.

The Louise powerlifting team won the Class 1A state powerlifting championship last month. Pictured is the team: front to back Ginny Puentes, 16, Que Ellis, 15, Monte Ellis, 16, Ashley Lutringer, 17, Melanie Mamerow, 17, Cheyenne Collins, 18, Jaime DeLeon, 18, and their coach, Dustin Meaux.

If you’d like to read the article go here: Louise’s Lady Lifters