Chyanne Lakey, CEO of Crossroads Pet Rescue, is known to some as the dog whisperer for her dedicated love and work with dogs. Crossroads Pet Rescue had a dog wash Saturday at Western Beverages to raise money to support the dogs they rehabilitate. Members of CPR routinely take in dogs, spay, neuter and train them before finding new families to adopt them. Currently they are housing six to seven dogs, including two Schnauzers and three Jack Russells, who are looking for loving homes. Nola Luna, Manager of Western Beverages, said she was happy to give them the parking lot to do the dog wash. “They do great community service,” she said “it takes special people to do what they do.”


Ajax shakes off the water as he is rinsed at Western Beverages Saturday. The dog wash was a fundraiser to help CPR support dogs that are given to them for rehabilitation.

Patches is dried by Anais Beaumont in a fluffy pink towel at Western Beverages Saturday. .