Once a month on Thursdays I have the pleasure of being part of a book club of 6th Graders at Graber. They’re wonderful kids and usually have quiet lively discussions. This week since I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different, I asked them to take a character or scene from the book and build it. Here are what they made, I think each creation fits it’s creator pretty perfectly. If you’ve read Gullivers Travels you might have some idea of where they got these ideas, if you haven’t.. its still pretty fun to see I think.

Gulliver, his bed and a mouse (with a wound from which gulliver stabbed him)

Gullivers Ship, which was then renamed by the student as the Titanic lol

Gulliver on a Horse

Gulliver on a mouse (the mouse is underneath him and hard to see)

Gulliver on a horse