Wranglers, gunfighters, cowgirls and cowboys gathered at the Central Kansas Gun Club property on North Lorraine Rd. for the Annual Toys for Tots Shoot last Sunday. The attendees were dressed in 1800’s period clothing complete with holsters slung across their hips to hold pistols and lines of ammo. They are the Sandhill Regulators Club that is part of the International Single Action Shooting Society. On Sunday these SASS members dressed up to engage in a shooting competition in addition to collecting $234 and 20 toys for the children. In various Wild West stages, they shot snakes (pieces of garden hose) and metal targets shaped like prairie dogs, turkeys and pigs. In May they will have the annual Fast and the Furious competition which is a two day shoot on memorial weekend.

Walt Galloway, alias CW, aims to shoot during the first stage of the November Toys for Tots match. In the first stage, each competitor had to throw a snake (a small piece of garden hose) into a square and then blast it out with a shotgun.

Cowboys and cowgirls chat while preparing for their shoot at the 'Saloon' during the November Toys for Tots match.

Sheree Nikkel Gerig, alias Six Gun Sugar Vixen, is ready to compete with her pistols and ammo in her holster before shooting in the second stage last Sunday.

Diana Johnston, alisas Lady Zan, reloads her smoking shotgun.

Wayne Johnston, alias Oklahoma Harry, carries his guns over to the first stage of the competition at the November match.

Steven Kinser, alias Goatroper, gets the ammo and guns ready at the fifth stage of the November match of the Sandhill Regulators.

Chris Cooper, alias Private Hoover, loads his guns for the first stage of the Sandhill regulators November match.