Dafne Oliva, left, and Cody Murray, right, make the nut & candy cups for the Thanksgiving lunch at Ave A School. Four classes worked together in a Thanksgiving project to cook lunch for 100 people. In addition to the food, the students made individual nut & candy cups shaped like turkeys and centerpieces for each of the tables.

Heber Ortiz, left, and Kaitlyn Pederson, right, make the centerpieces for the Thanksgiving lunch at Ave A School. The lunch was a large math project where the students calculated how to make small recipes into larger recipes that would feed 100 people. They did the math, shopped and spent two days cooking all the food and making the decorations.

One of the handmade centerpieces created by students at Ave A School for their Thanksgiving lunch Tuesday. The lunch not only fed the teachers and students, but special guests like the principal and the school superintendent were invited to dine as well. The students cooked the lunch, made the decorations, greeted guests at the door and served the lunch to each guest at their table.

Anelisa Mariel Orona, left, Nicole Dawn Minor, middle, Christopher Paul Torres, right make the turkey tzatziki at Ave A Elementary School Tuesday.

Leonel Maynor Velasquez-Avila stirs the cream cheese and butter into the corn for the Thanksgiving lunch at Ave A Elementary School Tuesday.