Children run through the mini-maze at Grammy's Pumpkin Patch trying to get to the pumpkin at the center Thursday.

Vince Rocco drives children in the barrel train at Grammy's Pumpkin Patch. Children get to ride around the grounds and end up in the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins to take home.

Aileen Santillan, 8, pulls back her gourd in the slingshot to sling it at the box castle at Grammy's Pumpkin Patch.

Grammy (Chris Rocco) reads to her grandchildren Judah Flippo, 4, Zeke Flippo, 6 and Charis Mourn, 4, during an afternoon lull at the pumpkin patch Saturday.

Joel Santillan, 10, holds up the pumpkin and says "looks its frankestein!" at Grammy's Pumpkin Patch Saturday. Children can play "pound a pumpkin" where they pound wooden nails into the pumpkins to make designs or faces.

Alivia Villalobos sits looking at pumpkins at the Lil' Pumpkin 2010 height measuring station in Grammy's Pumpkin Patch Thursday.

The pumpkin smasher in the Destruction Zone at Grammy's Pumpkin Patch smashes a pumpkin Saturday. Families can sit on nearby benches to watch the pumpkins be smashed and catapulted out over the fields. They can also slingshot pumpkins to piles of boxes to try and knock them down.