I shot sports today. I realize I kinda like it. It is way easier than real photo stories. Which of course means I doubt I’ll go into this, sitting on the sidelines in gyms or stadiums the rest of my life seems a bit boring. But I get why people would pick it, its predictable photography that takes no people skills. It has all the easy parts of photography we wish for mixed in with lots of emotion from the players.

1.) No one cares if you take pictures (you don’t have to make people comfortable with you)
2.) No one pays attention to you, they are too busy worrying about their game
3.) You just go to one location and stay there in the allotted amount of time. You know your hours!
4.) You won’t be standing at someones house or job for 8 hours waiting for a ‘moment.’ Interesting moments will happen all the time, you just have to catch them.
5.) The athletes put 100% into it, they tend to eat it 100% when they fail. Which incidentally, makes for great pictures.

I will post more later, but here are two of my favorites of the day.

He missed the ball. ate it.
His teammate expressed the appropriate sympathy.

I wish the lighting had been a bit better. But I’ll go back on a sunny day, or late afternoon and I’m sure it’ll be splendid.