Shayla Rudd, 10, swings in the backyard as her father Kelvin Rudd watches nearby in their home in Victoria. Shayla was born weighing 1 pound 7 ounces at 24 weeks. After she was born Shayla was in the hospital for 358 days and her doctors said she probably wouldn’t live past 5-years-old. The predictions they gave her parents were that Shayla would be on a ventilator her whole life, she wouldn’t talk or be able to walk well enough to get up and down stairs. She wasn’t expected to be able to live any kind of independent life. Today Shayla is extremely active physically, talking and just celebrated her 10th birthday. “All those things they said she wouldn’t do, shes actually doing. She’s come a long way.” her mother Willishia Rudd said.


Shayla Rudd, 10, swings high at her home in Victoria. “She loves to swing as high as she can.” her father Kelvin Rudd said. Though their doctors didn’t think Shayla would live past 5-years-old, walk, or talk due to multiple complications after being born prematurely, Shayla just turned 10-years-old and loves to run, play and socialize. “We don’t tell her what she can and can’t do, we don’t want to set any limits for her.” Rudd said.