For those not in the coverage area of Victoria, I thought I’d post a few of my favorites from the front page – double truck spread we put out today of my photos of Warriors Weekend. Warriors Weekend had over 300 soldiers from all over the United States fly in for a fishing weekend. They spent the first day coming in from the airport in Houston, the second driving through local towns and attending an honor ceremony for them in Victoria and Saturday was fishing fishing fishing! I of course, was zooming around in my fit following them from place to place to capture the whole thing. Obviously there were (roughly) a billion photos from the three days, so I’m going to try to just post my favorites on here. If  its too many, please indulge me, it was three days of events!

Dr. Phylis Canion greets Shane Parsons, a double amputee who lost his legs from a roadside bomb in Iraq, at the Houston airport Thursday. Parsons was one of over 300 wounded soldiers who came for Warriors Weekend.

Luke Bearden, 9, Logan Green, 7, Kathy Schoeneberg and Elias Ayala, 9, make the motion for truckers to honk their horn in honor of the Warriors Weekend caravan Friday. The caravan passed through many local towns on their way to the Honor Ceremony at Faith Family Church Friday afternoon.

Matias Ferreira, 22, walks towards Faith Family Church through cheering crowds for the Field of Honor Ceremony Friday.

Girls from Mannings Gymnastics give high fives to the soldiers as they cheer for them at Faith Family Church Friday.

Attendees cheer and wave flags as the Soldiers enter Faith Family Church at the Honor Ceremony Friday.

Dana Wright writes a name on the Wall of Hope at Warriors Weekend Saturday morning at the Port O'Connor Community Center. Soldiers could submit their name to Wright and she would carve it into the sand walls of the sculpture. Multiple Walls of Hope, eagles, soldiers, and other sand creations were part of the impressive sand sculpture this year built for the event. The sculpture took 10 days to create from 105 tons of sand.

Dana Wright carves a name on the Wall of Hope at Warriors Weekend Saturday.

Dolores Oelfke takes Jarrett English, 18, for a ride in her walker while yelling "Weee!" at Warriors Weekend Saturday. They came upon Matias Ferreira (left) and jokingly challenged him to a race.

Barbara Brooks gives Mohamed Aly, of Fort Drum, a hug as he enters the community center for breakfast before fishing Saturday at Warriors Weekend. Brooks gave every soldier a hug as they arrived. "Every one of them needs a mom's hug" she said.

Boats full of soldiers crowd the docks Saturday morning at Warriors Weekend. Over 200 boats took soldiers, friends and family out on the water to fish Saturday.

Six planes were part of a flyover to honor the soldiers as they loaded onto the boats at Warriors Weekend Saturday morning.

Shane Schroeder and James Hudspeth wait for the fish to bite Saturday during Warriors Weekend. Schroeder was a volunteer who offered his boat to take wounded soldiers fishing for Warriors Weekend. Hudspeth, who lost part of his leg in 2006 while serving in Iraq, was one of over 300 soldiers who attended Warriors Weekend. Hudspeth said he was overwhelmed by the welcome of the soldiers at Warriors Weekend events. "If only every state had the patriotism of Texas!" he said.